With all wares bound for my next glaze kiln carefully washed, waxed and covered in plastic (hey, with little lizards running around and leaving little, well, “presents”, you can’t blame me for being a tad overly protective…) today I started glazing.

This time around, I have most of my glazes in large quantities (I spared you all another “glaze mixing” post).  And,  for the first time, I have some very large bowls to glaze. So big in fact that they won’t fit into my 5 gallon buckets.   I surveyed the options at my local PITUSA supermarket(pronounced “pitoosa”, and not “Pit USA” as we thought when we first moved here!) and decided to get 2 of these low wide blue bowls.

Ok, so the label might have influenced my decision a wee bit.  Wouldn’t you want this cute dude keeping you company while you glazed???  Hey, one can never have too much moral support while glazing!