During one of our first visits to Rincón, we discovered Pancho Villa, a Mexican restaurant in the town’s lovely plaza.  The food was solid, if not overly exciting.  I should note that I am somewhat of a Mexican food snob, preferring authentic cuisine to tex-mex style.  However, the food was consistent and tasty, and the atmosphere very pleasant.   The first month we moved to Puerto Rico, I think we visited Pancho Villa at least once a week…  It was our happy little safe (re. predictable) haven during a very hectic and often stressful settling in phase.

Recently, the restaurant shut down for “renovations”.  We heard through the grapevine (Rincón is a small town with an active informal information system!) that it had been bought by Javier & Moraima (Mori), the owners of the local beach bar/restaurant Tamboo. Hmmm…changes seemed likely. But would they be for the good?

Tuesday evening, after a day of throwing in the studio, then trimming the lawn (me) and digging and planting (Nick), cooking dinner was out of the question. “Lets go see if the Mexican is open yet!” Nick suggested.  We usually visited the restaurant on Tuesday ($2 Coronas!!!!), so that seemed like a good idea. So, off to town we drove. Well, it so happens that Tuesday was the restaurant’s opening night! How’s that for luck?

Now doubled in size (they expanded into the space next door), the Pancho Villa menu has been shortened and simplified (Gordon Ramsey would approve!) and the prices were lower! I ordered a Chimichanga, my favorite from the old menu (which thankfully didn’t get cut) and Nick got a mexican-style burger. Both were really tasty and we both breathed a large sigh of relief. Our happy place just got happier!

Looking into the old restaurant space from the new side


A well deserved Corona!