The other day I was searching for a remedy for snails on one of our palms (handpicking off the critters and flinging them into oblivion ended up being the best solution) when I came across a home-made fertilizer for palms.  The ingredients were quite intriguing:

  • Epsom Salts (which I had recently purchased for soaking my trigger thumb –cured, btw, with the magic of cortisone!)
  • Ammonia
  • Beer!!! (we happen to have some of that lying around…)

I mixed up the concoction and set out to bring joy to some palms. Nick was a bit concerned that he now had to share his beer with our plants. I assured him that I’ll only be using 1 fluid ounce of the stuff per gallon of water so my mix should last a very long time. Well, I fertilized 10 palms yesterday (and went through half a bottle of my magic mix). Did I mention that we have planted 71 (yes, seventy one) palms in the past year? And then there are the “wild” palms that just planted themselves (with some help from mother nature). Nick is now threatening to lock up his beer stash… 😉