Last week I busied myself with throwing and trimming large bowls, making leaf plates and throwing and trimming lotsa mugs.  I’m still messing around with my “standard” mug style.  I sat down with 10 chunks of clay (Axner’s Maccabee) and made mugs which ended up looking like this:


and like this (ok, same shape, no ‘mas cafe’):



By the time I threw mug numbers 9 and 10, I had the shape exactly how I wanted it (a bit taller and skinnier).  I guess this is why some potters sit down with 40 lumps of clay…  🙂  Nick had suggested making some mugs with a line pattern (like the tumblers I made a while back).  I thought this was an excellent idea but was not sure how the handle would work with the pattern.  I ended up trimming the taller mugs with a slightly recessed are for the lines, which also designated the cutoff line for the handle.    These guys are definitely getting glazed in Raw Sienna. So what do you think? Any preference for one style over the other?