The other day, I was in the studio trimming bowls when the phone rang. I casually mentioned to the friend on the other end of the line that I was “trimming bowls”. Yesterday, I saw her at an event and she inquired exactly what kind of bulbs I was trimming…

I realize that often we potters use terms that sound like Greek to normal folk (or maybe its just my weird hybrid accent due to living in dozens of different places). In a nutshell, trimming bowls involves waiting for a wheel-throw bowl to harden up sufficiently such that it can be flipped over. Then, it is returned to the wheel, where tools are used to carve (or trim) a foot on the bottom and remove excess clay from the outside of the pot.

Bowls fresh from the wheel, still on their throwing bats

Bowls with trimmed foot rings:

Bowls right side up and ready to dry for bisque firing:

Now, if I had been mug trimming (which is what I will be doing today), I’m sure we would have avoided any confusion. 🙂 Word on the street is that there is some local demand for my ‘mas café’ mugs (I’ll be calling you Steve!). One batch will be going into bisque this week, and glaze the next but I figured I should have another batch in the works. I’m liking this taller shape a lot!