We woke up this morning to dark skies, high winds and rains.  The consensus at the gym was “¡Hace mucho frio!” (it’s very cold!).  Indeed, temps were down in the mid to low 70s…  See, its not always sunny and hot in the tropics.

The sun had been trying hard to make a comeback and is mostly winning.   This morning was spent in the studio wedging clay for some more large bowls and pulling handles.  Wedging clay, for those wondering,  is a process during which clay is repeatedly kneaded on a porous surface to draw some of the water out while distributing the moisture evenly, eliminating hard spots in the clay and forcing air bubbles out of the clay.  Pulling handles?  Lets just say its a method of hand making handles.  I’m not even going to TRY to describe the process…  😉

Muse has been playing in the studio for the past few days (what can I say, they are GOOD!).  It may be a bit sappy, but this song resonates a lot these days (and what a cover by Muse, huh?).  Hope you are having a good Monday too!