Just finished firing a bisque kiln (that’s the bottom shelves you’re looking at, with shelf posts in position), which means I got little if any sleep last night. From past experience, I have a few productive hours in me before I hit the wall so I better get to trimming those 6 large bowls waiting for me in the studio! On the way to checking the electric meter post firing (we keep track of KwH during firings), I noticed some buds on one of our Prickly Pears:


Can’t wait to see what the flower looks like when it opens. Pretty funky, huh? It was interesting to note that in addition to developing flowers, the plant has popped out some really sharp hard thorns…

Speaking of flowers, our Spiral Ginger is blooming. This dude is getting out of control and is trying to take over the flower bed. It’s funny, the plant clearly wants to grow out towards the sun (most of the plant is under a stairway) but the buds that make it out, don’t open and end up dying… (I’m sure there is a deep life lesson here but I’m too tired to ponder). This guy stayed in the shade:


Right, enough chit chat. Off to work with me. Hope you have a good day and stay in the shade people!