So I’m down in the kiln/glaze room, glazing away (actually, I was re-sieving a glaze) when Nick calls me from the balcony. Any interruption during glazing HAS to be of a serious nature, so I put my brush down and headed out to see what is up. Well, what was up was that the large calf from up the road had decided to come for a visit and was sniffing at our baby foxtail palm as if trying to decide if it was to be an appetizer or main course. Well then. Now what????

“Approach from the back!” Nick said helpfully from the safety of the balcony two stories up… I gingerly stepped forward and picked a few strands of grass as a peace offering. Not overly impressed, the calf started walking towards some of our much more attractive offerings. Enough is enough, I made my move, grabbed on to the rope attached to the calf and started walking him home. Said calf seemed to have other ideas, and proceeded to walk ME into the neighbor’s yard. Damn that thing was strong.

I heard a car screech to a halt, and out jumped Francisco, of Coca-Cola car fixing fame. The man is turning into our guardian angel, I swear! He took control of the calf and promptly marched it back up the road. Peace and quiet restored, I was free to return to the more mundane task at hand: re-sieving and glazing!

Say what you will about life in rural Puerto Rico…boring it is not!