The other day, I was set to throw some large bowls.  “Why don’t you try to throw the biggest bowl you can?” Nick suggested.  After pointing out the various challenges associated (trimming, firing, glazing) I decided, what they hey, let’s give it a go.  I’m not sure how much clay other potters throw for what they consider BIG bowls (and would love to hear from YOU), but for me, 3-4.5lbs has been the max so far (Linda, your bowl was made from 4.5 lbs of clay!).  To throw big, I need to make sure my clay is quite soft (otherwise I cannot properly wedge nor center the clay).   I did indeed have the clay nice and soft and prepared in 3 lb lumps.  I figured that 6lbs was a good number to aim for as a start and proceeded to wedge 2 lumps together.

I was having a so-so throwing session but decided to go ahead and end with the 6lbs of clay.   Nothing ventured nothing gained, right?  The nice thing about throwing is that if a piece doesn’t work, you just smash it down, wedge it up and then use the clay again another day.  My goal was to keep the rim of the pot within the radius of the bat (for trimming purposes) but go as deep and as high as possible.

Left: 3 lb bowl with allowance for tall foot Right: 6 lb bowl

Now, I just need to trim this baby, dry it carefully, bisque fire it, glaze it and fire it again!  If it makes it through all that, what a nice massive bowl it will make!!!  🙂  Thanks Nick!  Maybe next time I’ll try to throw even BIGGER, huh?   🙂