I should preface this post with a reminder that, up until 2 years ago, I had always been a city girl! 🙂

The other evening, Nick and I were stood on our balcony surveying our world (as we like to do) when the conversation turned to the living lawn-mowers (i.e. cattle) temporarily parked over in our neighbor’s land.  We’ve grown accustomed to this method of land clearing, in which cows and bulls are staked to the ground with a long lead and left to graze.  Every few days, they are moved until the land is nicely trampled and/or eaten to the ground.  Its a great way to clear a piece of land if you just want to keep weeds and random stuff in check.  If you have cherished palms and the like?  Not so much…

Anyhow, we were looking at the massive and fearsome looking bull with his impressive horns (recently moved to right next to our fence) when we both noticed that said bull had…udders!  Hmmm…  Quick internet research supported our astronomical anatomical discovery:  Cows DO have horns!  Now you know too!