I’m done glazing for my sixth glaze firing. Sixth firing! Amazing, no? Seems like only yesterday that I fired my first glaze kiln here in Puerto Rico…  Last firing, I completed mixing up all my glazes in large batches.  So this time around I didn’t have to mix up any glazes at all!   I am firing a lot of test tiles (22) and a few experiments but on the whole, I’m working with glazes and combos I know (should) work.

I got a start on glazing yesterday afternoon and got back to it this afternoon. When I entered the glaze/kiln room, I startled a (leaping) lizard. I can squash a cockroach with no qualms but a lizard…just can’t do it. My attempts to shoo him out peacefully failed as he kept leaping out of my reach. He avoided me all through the afternoon but I imagine he’ll be back out and about now that I’m gone…

I was a bit anxious about leaving my hard work exposed to lizard leaping, frolicking and, well, droppings (now there is one glaze combination I’d rather NOT test!).  As the glazed pots were all dry to the touch I lightly covered them with newspaper (so they can still breath). Alls I can hope is that the leaping lizard stays clear of my pots and doesn’t decide to add his own personal touch. 🙂