Yesterday Nick and I unloaded glaze kiln #6.  All in all, a good firing. My glazes are all at the right consistency which means that I can more seriously evaluate combos and figure out which glazes are winners and which are just too finicky (e.g., difficulty of getting an even application using tongs with light colored translucent glazes which drives me absolutely BONKERS!) and/or just don’t bring enough to the party. The clear winner this time around is Licorice Black. Absolutely EVERYTHING with Licorice Black turned out smashing. Such a solid and beautiful glaze!  

My two large bowl experiments turned out fine but I’m not really excited about them.  I had a certain idea in mind as far as how I wanted these to look and they just don’t do it for me. I was re-reading Varda’s recent reflections on the transition from being a painter to a potter as they very much resonated with me. One challenge we do indeed have as potters is that, unlike painters, we DON’T see results immediately and thus can’t adjust the glazing as we go along. You apply the glazes based on your past experience with it, stick it in the kiln and hope for the best! Problem is, you DO still have an idea in your head of how you want something to look and sometimes the difference between the “designed/imagined” and that which comes out of the kiln is too big. Moving forward, I have already mixed up some colored slips and plan to experiment with applying the contrasting color in the indentation of the bowls at greenware stage. We’ll see how I get on with that…

More photos of new pots over the next few days!