Ahhh…. Winter in Puerto Rico.  We are still spending a lot of time tending to our land, just sweating a tad less whilst doing it.  We keep swearing we’re done planting new stuff, but never manage to keep our word (we’re now up to 75 palms…).  We’re supposed to be in the start of the dry season but someone forgot to tell mother nature.  The frequent rains mean everything, wild or planted,  is growing like mad.

Nick has finished moving all the banana pups from behind the patio onto his banana alley, which is looking quite good:

We like how our land is evolving.  It is a fine balance of order and natural chaos.  Down the hill from the very orderly banana alley, a bunch of royal palms are growing as if on speed.  They were quite randomly “planted” by birds or seeds falling off of other palms.  Regardless of how they got there, they are beautiful:

And right off of banana alley, a row of massive rogue plantains are growing.  Nick couldn’t move them if he wanted to! They are way over 20 feet tall:

Yesterday I discovered that the last plantain is flowering.  Picking this bunch is going to interesting…