I fired a bisque last week and tonight I’ll be firing my last glaze firing for 2009.  In addition to a slew of bowls and mugs, I’m looking forward to seeing the results of some test tiles with a bunch of slips I mixed up (a blue, a brown and two blue/greens).  A slip is basically liquid clay with colorants mixed into it.  It is applied to a pot before it dries.  I’m hoping to be able to use slips to augment my glazes.  I’m also testing 10 more MC6 glaze combinations that seemed promising on test tiles on small plates. And believe it or not, even after this firing, there are STILL more combos to be tested…  Fingers crossed for some great results! 🙂

Last bisque load toasty from the kiln

And the pots that made it into the last glaze firing of 2009