Nick and I had great fun unloading my seventh glaze firing. It was probably the most colorful kiln load I’ve had so far, with 16 brightly colored mugs, lots of different glazes on bowls and plenty of glaze combo tests.

12 of the 16 mugs waiting to be shelved in the gallery

According to the grid Nick prepared for me (I might be fairly organized but Nick is SUPER organized!) I am almost done doing my “due diligence” in testing all the possible glaze combos (whew!). Of my 11 tests this time around, only two were deemed winners by us both. Here is one of the two (Raw Sienna over Raspberry Red):

Another promising new color combo with a lot of depth to it:

Mugs: Jeannie’s Purple over Caribbean Blue

And more new mugs:

Mugs: Raspberry Red

And finally, some “tried and true”:

3 Nesting Bowls: Warm Jade Green and Licorice Black

2 cereal/soup bowls: Bright Sky Blue and Raw Sienna

Massive Bowl: Jeannie’s Purple and Licorice Black

All in all, an excellent firing to end off the year with a bang. As we only set up the studio in April, 2010 will be our first full year of firing and we’re both excited to see what we pull out of the kiln next time around, in 2010! šŸ™‚