Linda and Bob are back in town for the holidays. Crafty Bob had contacted me before they flew over and arranged to surprise Linda with a gift of pottery as well as a gift certificate for her to spend in the gallery. What a guy, huh? 🙂

Today, Linda stopped by the studio with their lovely daughters Alexandra and Krista. I enjoyed showing this fun bunch around and they each chose a piece of pottery (mugs for Alex and Krista, a bowl for Linda). Krista took some really cool photos of the gallery and studio with a fish-eye lens which I promise to post as soon as she emails them to me. Here’s the gang in the gallery with their new pottery:

In the studio, we discovered another (non-purchasing) visitor hanging out on my VL-Whisper: a shy gecko. By the time I got my camera out he had escaped to the safety of the wheel’s leg.

Yikes… The wild life is taking over in the studio. I can take a hint…It’s time to get back to work, huh??? 🙂