I’ve got 4 large bowls which I was hoping to trim today. I’ve flipped them over and am now waiting for the bottom of the bowls to be at the optimum moisture level for trimming. While waiting, I’ve been pottering around the studio, making some magnets, necklaces and chops. Trying to keep busy while waiting. For the pots to dry. I’ve also been tidying the studio up a bit. This included dealing with the mess in my sink…

My studio sink doesn’t drain into our septic tank (this would be BAD news) but rather connects to the other “gray water” pipes that get sent down our hill. Regardless, I try to stop too much clay from going down the drain by keeping a plastic basin in the sink. I wash my hands and my tools over this basin (often using the standing water for the preliminary rinse). Most of the clay sinks to the bottom of the basin, forming a nice layer of sludge! Today, for the first time, I decided to actually try to recycle this sludge. While I wouldn’t use it for functional work, it might be usable for things like magnets. Waste not want not and all that! Here’s the sludge drying in a bisque tray:

And here are the drying bowls. Maybe by now they’re ready to trim? Here’s hoping!