My day started early monitoring my first bisque kiln of 2010 (nothing like watching cones at the crack of dawn). T’was a rainy morning but once the cones went down and the sun came out, we were treated to a beautiful set of double rainbows. My apologies for only capturing part of the rainbows:

And the pragmatic? I discovered a series of tendon exercises I’ve been performing religiously (especially after handbuilding, which actually seems harder on my thumb than throwing…). I feel less silly doing them to music but you can do with them as you wish. The hitch-hiking one is especially nifty:

Tendon Gliding Exercises

Nine tendons pass through the carpal tunnel. Four of the nine tendons bend the tips of the fingers; another four of the nine tendons bend the middle joints of the finger, and the ninth tendon bends the thumb tip. The purpose of these exercises is to glide the tendons gently through the carpal tunnel to minimize microscopic adhesions, reduce congestion, and improve lubrication in the tendons. These are not strength exercises. Perform the exercises gently or they may cause a pain flare-up.

  • hook fist – touch your fingers to the top of your palm. The large knuckles should be pulled back as much as possible.
  • full fist- touch your fingers to the middle of your palm. All three finger joints should be bent.
  • straight fist – touch your fingers to the bottom of your palm. The tips of the fingers should be straight.
  • thumb flexion – Start with your thumb pulled back from your palm as if you are hitch-hiking, then move your thumb across your palm and try to touch the tip of the thumb to the bottom of the small finger.

(from: Hand Health Resources)