It seems like I’ve been up to my elbows (sometimes literally, mostly figuratively) in glazes for the past week. I fired the first glaze kiln of 2010 (glaze firing number 8 here in PR, for those of you keeping track) on Tuesday evening (unloaded Thursday morning) and am now finishing up glazing another kiln load, to be fired tomorrow night.

The is the first time I’ve EVER fired full loads of glazed wares back to back and I’m actually enjoying it. It is very nice to be able to quickly apply lessons learned from one firing, try to replicate a cool result once again or check out an idea hatched from a kiln’s result. Some of my glaze buckets are getting a tad low, so a glaze mixing session is in the cards for the new future. I’m now at a point where I feel I have enough “data” to figure out which glazes are key players and which will eventually be “weeded” out. We are also looking to augment those “key players” with a few more glazes that compliment their strengths and provide cool glaze interactions. So, in addition to my dwindling favorites (Raw Sienna and Licorice Black), I’m planning to mix up some glaze test based on variations on the Raw Sienna and possibly Licorice Black. Stay tuned! In the meanwhile, here are some cool glaze effects from the latest firing. Photos of pots from the firing are on my facebook page.