The other day I was at the wheel throwing some tumblers when I noticed something drop to the floor to my right just past my newly thrown wares. A frigging lizard (lizards outside = cute, lizards in my studio = arghh!!). Clearly the word is out in the lizard community that Rincón Pottery is THE place to be. I, on the other hand, have grown tired of cleaning lizard droppings off of my bats and worrying about lizards playing “leap frog” (or “leap lizard” I guess) on my newly thrown pots. Just the other day, I chased a fairly large gecko out of the studio, and he seemed to take great pleasure at jumping from one leather hard pot to the next on his way out…  But maybe I’m just taking it a tad too personal…

Anyhow, so little lizard and I had a little stare down. Given his location on the floor I was convinced that our suspicions have been confirmed, and he has indeed entered the studio through gaps in the air-conditioning unit seating. First, the lizard was escorted outdoors and I finished my throwing session.  The next day, armed with gorilla tape and silicon sealant, Nick promptly created a “No Lizard access” zone. Or so we hope…damn tenacious those lizards. Somehow I don’t think I’ve seen that last of them….

Yesterday brought no new lizard sighting, but plenty of activity on the pottery front. I loaded another glaze kiln (currently in its slow cool down phase of the firing), trimmed 8 tumblers and made some MASSIVE playera leaf plates.  Today, I think I’m taking the afternoon off!

Large Playera Leaf plates in process

Plates shaped, with fired smaller plate for scale!