Over the last 2 years we’ve been slowly reclaiming our land from the weeds, one small patch at a time. It’s not really the clearing that is the problem but, because everything grows so fast here in the rainy season, it is the ongoing maintenance that becomes a hassle.

We could hire someone to keep it neat but its a good work-out for me and being a control freak I much prefer to do things myself if possible! 🙂 Miri also normally does her fair share, although recently she’s not been able to help with the weed whacking as we didn’t want her to aggravate her thumb problem.

Anyway, recently I finished clearing the last patch of weeds/vines/shrubs from the area behind the house that we’ve decided will be the extent of our back yard…

Before and after the final clearing

My guess is we’ve got just over half our land now under “active maintenance” and the rest is our contribution to conserving the natural habitat!

Despite leaving the bottom part of the land wild we did want to be able to make use of it, so I cut a circular path through the jungle; going from the house, down the right hand side, across the bottom (through our own little wood) and then up the left hand side…

Approx. route of the path

During the path clearing I came across some interesting plants including a large citrus tree that was fruiting..

Miri plans to walk this path for exercise on days she doesn’t go to the gym. We’ve tried it out and boy those slopes are killers. A lap takes about 5 mins at a steady pace, so a few of those will be a good workout.

The bottom is full of mature trees, so it is beautiful and shady under the canopy. We plan to plant gingers, haleconias and other cool plants down there in spots along the path to add some colour and interest.