About a month ago, when I mentioned having a second cortisone shot to treat my trigger thumb (doing tons better btw), my buddy Fernando suggested that I try brewing some turmeric, as its combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects helps many people with joint disease find relief. I figured that what’s good for the joints might be good for the tendons, and regardless, I love cooking with fresh spices, and fresh turmeric is supposed to be much nicer than the dry stuff (if equally as staining!).

Today I finally managed to get myself down to the bi-weekly local farmer’s market in quest of some fresh vegetables (and indeed scored some nice peppers, green beans, zucchini and even some fresh eggs). There, as Luis promised, I also spotted a huge pile of fresh turmeric. I happily bought a bag and had an interesting conversation (en Español) with the vendor about the health benefits of turmeric. Fortuitously, our Spanish vocab list a few weeks ago covered body parts…It was amazing how many internal organs seem to benefit from a nice dose of turmeric (and kinda nice to be able to understand what the heck the nice lady was talking about)!

In addition to trying some turmeric tea this week (I might also mix it in with my normal ginger tea), I’ll likely scour my various Asian cookbooks for some recipes using fresh turmeric. I’ve also selected a nice rhizome to try and sprout so I can grow this healthy yellow root myself!