I’m getting ready for my next glaze firing and was running low on my two “go to” glazes (Raw Sienna and Licorice Black). Its been a good while since my massive glaze mixing session back in October.  Mixing up only 2 glazes in largish quantities (4000 grams) seemed like a walk in the park. So easy! I just love the nice colorful pile of materials you get when you’re finished weighing out all the chemicals. I still find it amazing that this pile of stuff will end up creating beautiful colored finishes on my patiently waiting (and nicely washed) bisqueware. Just add water and heat (OK, a LOT of heat) and presto! Like magic. Gotta love it!

I figured this was a good time to also mix up a few glaze tests (its been far too long since I’ve done any testing!). I love everything about Raw Sienna. The color, the texture, and its semi-matte to glossy complex surface (depending on thickness and position in the kiln..). I decided to mess around a bit with the levels of red iron oxide in the glaze and see how I get on. The tests look absolutely tasty, don’t you think?