Just over a year ago I setup 2 trellises for passion fruit vines that Miri had grown from seed. Click here to view the original post. One trellis was based on a design I found online and the other was of my own invention. Sadly, one year on, my innovative triangular design has failed spectacularly. The strong winds we’ve been experiencing recently were just too much for it…
Failed trellis

Clearly, attaching the anchor wires halfway up the stakes wasn’t the best idea as all the weight was above that point and the (not very) “Sturdy Stakes” simply folded in half!

The good news is that the ‘official’ trellis is still very much in one piece and the 2 vines growing on it look happy and healthy…
Trellis still standing

Rather than kill the vine that was growing on my failed trellis I decided to mount a rescue operation and move it somewhere more suitable. I dug it up and re-planted it next to a scrub tree and draped the vine over the branches. Hopefully I got enough roots so it will establish itself and thrive in its new home. Only time will tell.

On the move
Vine on the move

New home
Getting put in its new home