Yesterday began with a kiln opening and ended with an “opening” courtesy of mother nature. We unloaded my tenth glaze firing to reveal lots of new goodies, including the pair pictured below. Visitors to the gallery last week had requested two ‘Mas Café’ mugs in Licorice Black (“breaking brown please!”). I had but two bisque mugs to glaze so was very happy (and relieved) when I pulled this lovely pair out the the kiln:

In the afternoon, after watering some newly transplanted oyster plants (our planter in the front of the house is overflowing and offers a great free source of plants!) I was doing my usual “survey” of our trees. Many are in bloom (tons of bananas, plantains, breadfruit, papaya, small mangoes). To my delight, I discovered that our young avocado immediately behind the house (which has yet to give fruit) is in bloom! Those of you who have been following our blog for a while know how much I LOVE avocado (Nick, not so much). Our massive (60 feet or so) Avocado tree at the bottom of our slope has been faithfully supplying awesome fruit but come on! An Avocado tree RIGHT BEHIND THE HOUSE? Heaven!

Avocado Flowers

View from the balcony: Avocado A = Down steep slope Avocado B = muy cerca