We recently visited the mainland to celebrate Passover with my family. We also took the opportunity to celebrate (albeit a bit early) my nephew Ami’s 5th birthday. A while back a certain someone revealed that Ami was quite fond of my playera leaf plates, which he had seen on our blog. So, I prepared a few leaf plates with my sweet nephew in mind. And, given his great love of orange (not typically part of my color scheme), I mixed up some under-glazes to create a few custom orange plates for him.

The surprise party was great fun and Ami enjoyed all his gifts, including his array of pottery wares. He happily told me that he had hoped he would receive some of my plates and immediately put them all to good use. The large Playera Leaf plate was especially well received and passed the “Ami chin test”. I had never put a plate up to my face before but, following Ami’s lead, we all tried it and it DID feel really nice! 🙂

It is always fun to see one’s pots in use, and especially so when those using them are near and dear to your heart. Ami continued to use his new plates over the next few days (finding them useful for full meals, not just jelly beans). Hopefully he will enjoy them for years to come! Happy Birthday Ami! We love you lots!

The excitment of opening brightly wrapped presents

Impromptu chin testing by Ami

It feels nice!

Ami with his new collection of pottery

Playera Plate in use