I spent yesterday sieving glazes and then glazing most of the work that I will fire later this week. After a day of back-breaking work (hey, glaze buckets are damn heavy!), I wanted something quick, easy AND tasty for dinner.

Easiest Mac and Cheese to the rescue! I found this recipe when I was looking for some way to use up cottage cheese I bought (every once and a while Nick gets a craving for Cottage Cheese and forgets that he does not like American Cottage Cheese). Can I say “EASY”???? No pre-cooking of a cheese sauce, no pre-cooking of the pasta (!!!). Yes, you have to blend the sauce materials, but with a stick blender, that’s a piece of cake! I pretty much followed the recipe, but as I didn’t have any dry mustard, I used some Coleman’s English Mustard.

You can almost smell it, can’t you? Nick claimed this was the tastiest Mac and Cheese he has ever had (and most definitely the cheesiest). A keeper for sure (but probably not going into our regular rotation unless I plan to always double up on classes at the gym…).