Vegetable gardening in the tropics is an exercise in trial and error. After a good amount of error, I’ve figured out a few crops that work really well for us (as defined by the ratio of crops to effort). Our original asian eggplant bushes continue to flower and fruit, as does the Thai Pepper plant.  Every once and a while they get smitten by bugs, but recover well.  Our cucumbers did not fair as well nor did the tomatoes.  Unfortunate but asi es la vida…

Our Black Panther Pumpkins did extremely well for us last year (despite a constant battle with little green nasties), and we enjoyed many a pumpkin soup and curry. I recently started a bunch of new seeds, along with some Chinese Cabbage. We transfered them to the ground and they are going crazy! Its only a matter of time before the pumpkins spread to cover their side of the patch.  Soon to join: some Korean Squash ( a new experiment) and some lettuce and bok choi. Still far from self sufficiency on the vegetable front, but every little bit helps!

On the pottery front, Nick and I unloaded glaze kiln #11 the other day. Here are a few pics.

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