I recently set up a Facebook page for Rincón Pottery.  The page has been great for connecting with folks interested in the work I’m doing as the format is more conducive to quick updates from the studio. It is also a nice way to stay in touch with those who have visited the studio in person.   As a side note, I’m finding that folks are more likely to comment on facebook than on our blog (is it that Facebook is seen as, by definition, all about interaction? ?) and have been really enjoying getting more frequent reactions to work in progress as well as to finished work.   An added bonus?  The interactions on my page sometimes result in ideas for new products!

One such new product came into being after Lee from Maryland asked if I made “soup mugs”. Nope, not yet!   “Soup” mugs (which are lower and larger than regular mugs) are useful things for anything from cereal, ice-cream, LOTS of coffee, and yes, soup. So, the other day I decided to give the idea a try.

I decided to decorate the mugs with one of the Tanio Petroglyph stamps I made a while back, “El Sol de Jayuya” (the sun of Jayuya). This petroglyph (stone carving) was found in Jayuya (a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the mountainous center region of the island). It is believed that this and many other petroglyphs in the same location were carved by the Taino Indians who inhabited Boriquén in Columbian times (before 1493).

New “Bol con Sol” with a regular mug for scale

I think we’re on to something here, don’t you?  Thanks Lee! 🙂