Sadly, like clockwork, 2 months after my second cortisone shot, my trigger thumb started acting up again. I’ve been sleeping with a thumb stabilizer every night without fail, which seems to have at least kept the very painful thumb “locking up” every morning at bay. But, now 4 months post shot, things are not looking (and definitely not feeling) good. Slight discomfort and infrequent ‘clicking’ has now become frequent pain, clear “locking” of the thumb and obvious tendon swelling. So, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and make an appointment with a hand surgeon. “Si dios quiere” (if god wants), as aptly put by the receptionist, I have an appointment for early next week.

This week, I’m throwing like crazy as surgery (even though minor) means I’m heading towards some pretty slow days in the studio… Well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles and I’d rather sort this out once and for all (even if it means some studio down time) rather than continuing to deal with the pain. Goes without saying that potters need full mobility of their thumbs (its my right thumb, and yes, I’m right handed…).

On a more happy note, Nick’s passion-fruit terrace is in bloom (and the vine he recently transplanted has taken to its new home down the hill famously). I think Passion-fruit flowers are pretty darn amazing, don’t you agree?