After a long spell of not trying any new restaurants, we’ve recently been on a blitz of new experiences, and found a couple of ‘keepers’ in the process. As it turned out both are more or less on the water, have great sunset views, are not tourist hang outs and (shock and horror!) are in Aguada, not Rincón. 🙂

“Guayabos Tropical Sunset” is a beach front restaurant/bar. Its ramshackle wooden structure gives it a low-key, local bar vibe and so our food expectations were set accordingly. The restaurant deck out back is as close to the ocean as any I’ve seen here…
Guayabos Tropical Sunset
Right on the ocean

It was busy and had a great atmosphere and fast, friendly service. The biggest surprise of the evening was when the main course showed up, beautifully presented on large square china plates…
Surprisingly sophisticated food

Miri had fish and I had churrasco (skirt steak). Both were very tasty and good value for money (no $30 mains here). So with good food, friendly service and great ambience this was one of our best new dining experiences in a long time…
Sunset at “Guayabos Tropical Sunset”

A few days later, we tried another place a bit further along the coast in Aguada. This was a Mexican restaurant called “Acapulco”. As it turned out this used to be a bar called “La Rampa”, which was one of the very first places we went out after we moved here!
Nick at La Rampa in Aug 2007
Playing pool at La Rampa back in August 2007

2 years and 8 months later and we were back…
Now it’s called Acapulco

The location is great, with just a small road between the restaurant and the ocean…
Close to the ocean

Miri had enchiladas and I had a burrito. The food was good without being spectacular, although I would recommend the chicken breast (pechuga) burrito. It had good flavour and was good value at $7.50. Probably our biggest criticism is that their cutlery is disposable plastic. We both dislike eating with plastic knives and forks as we feel it adversely affects the enjoyment of the food. Overall though we see this as a great spot to have a few cold coronas and cheap, tasty burritos while watching the sun go down…
Sunset at “Acapulco”