Now 5 days post trigger-thumb release surgery, I’m allowing myself a (brief) two-handed typing session. Tuesday was a long day (of mostly waiting..while fasting…and no coffee…) but the surgery went well and we both were happy with the care (and post-op follow up) I received from Dr. Vargas and his staff. Post surgery pain was not as bad as I had anticipated and that nasty thumb locking is gone. Honestly, the hardest thing for me so far has been the “forced” relaxation, as I’m not very good at doing little to nothing… Nick has been awesome, taking over pretty much everything in the household (cooking, cleaning, washing up). Alls I’ve had to do is eat, read, watch LOTS of TV (god bless DVRs; I was well prepared with lots of my favorite mindless shows) and try to enjoy my forced relaxation.

Yesterday, my bandage came off and we got to see my sutures/wound for the first time. The location of the incision is right on the crease of my thumb at the palm, so any scarring will likely be fairly obscured. This pleased me. The sutures come out in 10 days. Until then, I’ll be laying low, keeping my hand clean (no studio work, no gym, no garden work and NO DISH-WASHING!). Obviously, staying out of the studio is the hardest part of recovery, but having a fully functional (and pain free) hand at the hand of this process is well worth the break.

‘X’ marks the thumb

Las suturas