A few weeks back I was throwing a gaggle of mugs. One of the series was a different shape from all the others (this happens sometimes when I’m ‘warming up’ or happen to have a lump of clay that is softer or harder than the rest). I decided it was clearly destined for slightly different treatment and adorned it with a “Té” (tea) plaque as thus far I’ve been prejudiced towards coffee drinkers.

When it came time to glaze this one of a kind mug, I spent a lot of time pondering what to do with it. Finally, I decided to go for broke, and test out a glaze combo that had been working well on bowls but I had yet to test on mugs. As Nick loves to remind me, its only clay and if it doesn’t work, I can make another one…

With the glaze kiln cooling downstairs, I posted a photo of some new Coqui mugs on my Facebook page. I shortly received a comment from our buddy Rosa saying that she loved the mugs and “must have one, specially since all I drink is tea,so the Mas Cafe did not work for me…”. Hmmmmm… I read her comment and reflected on the fact that that the one-of-a-kind tea mug cooling down in the kiln was glazed in Rosa’s favorite colors… And I kept my fingers crossed!

Happily, the mug turned out great (the Raw Sienna glaze over the Raspberry Red forms beautiful gold variegation). Rosa stopped by the gallery yesterday to pick it up (and also chose a Raspberry Red ‘Bol con Sol’ to take to work). I’m not a big believer in fate but some things DO seem like they were just meant to be!

Mug: Raw Sienna over Raspberry Red

Rosa with her mug