Our great love of Indian food might have been mentioned once or twice on this blog… Since we don’t have any Indian restaurants around here, I’m in charge of keeping our curry needs in check. I order my Indian spices from the mainland, including curry leaves. I love the flavor that curry leaves add to a curry and therefore go through a good amount of leaves. In the spirit of self-sufficiency (and because fresh curry leaves are supposed to be even more amazing), I have been trying to score an actual curry leaf tree (Murraya koenigii) for a while and finally got my hands on one, courtesy of David of Montoso Gardens.

We transplanted the baby tree from it’s growbag and will let it spread its roots a bit and acclimate before we plant it in a choice (i.e., easily accessible) spot on one of our terraces. Now if we could only find a tree that grows actual curries… How amazing would THAT be???