A question I’d been pondering recently is what to do with all the grapefruit being produced by the tree we found when making our path through the jungle.

I tried halving them and eating them for breakfast. They are tasty, but getting all those little segments out and removing all the seeds is just more hassle than it’s worth. I found I was enjoying slurping up the juice more than eating the actual fruit, so the next idea seemed obvious…. juicing them!

With a lot of ‘elbow grease’ I managed to juice 2 grapefruits using our flimsy little plastic hand juicer and we both agreed that, when cold, it was very tasty (not to mention healthy). Our friend Ruth from The English Rose kindly lent us a spare electric juicer she had. I harvested 15 ripe fruit and juiced up a storm! We were drinking juice for several days afterwards and successfully froze some too.


With the concept proved it was then time to find our own juicer. Miri, the queen of internet product research, did her thing and announced that we should get a Breville Die Cast Citrus Press. She found a place selling re-conditioned ones with the full 1year warranty for $100 less than the regular price… result! 😉

Our new juicer

We’ve only tried it once so far, but it seems very good. It is sturdy, quiet, very easy to use, easy to clean and seems to get all the juice out with a minimum of effort, even on large grapefruits. I’m now trying to figure out what else we can juice when the grapefruits eventually run out! 🙂