Its now a full month since my ‘trigger thumb’ surgery. Its been an interesting month for me. I’ve read a lot, relaxed a lot and mostly haven’t done much of anything substantial. Quite the experience for a reformed Type-A personality… Though the surgery site is still a tad sensitive, pain has been really minimal throughout the process for me. In fact, a nasty case of food poisoning I had earlier this week was worse than any pain I experienced at ANY point due to my hand surgery…

Once the stitches came out 1.5 weeks ago, I slowly started working my way back into normal activities (sadly, including washing dishes) and am now looking forward to taking the 15 steps back down into the studio for (hopefully) a throwing session this coming Monday. Wish me luck!

Look Ma, no stitches…and not much of scar either!

And speaking of 15 steps, check out this amazing mash-up of Radiohead’s ’15 Steps’ and Dave Brubeck’s ‘Take Five”.