We are clearly fully into the “island time” mentality now as a rare moment of speed and efficiency surprised us both today! 🙂

Over the weekend I decided it was time we upgraded to High Definition TV with our Dish satellite service. This was mainly because they’ve been advertising “free HD for life” a lot recently, they’ve now added enough HD channels down here in PR to make it worth while and, most importantly, the English Premiership football season is starting in just under 4 weeks.

We called Dish yesterday (to a call centre on the mainland), established we were eligible for the deal and told them to go ahead. The agent said “we have availability in your area tomorrow between 8am and noon, is that ok?”
“Sure” we said, laughing to each other about how they clearly weren’t familiar with how things happen down here. (We once spent 4 weeks chasing various local Dish engineers to come and wire up our new downstairs TV and eventually gave up and bought and ran all the cable ourselves).

Lo and behold at 8.20am this morning the phone rings and it is a local Dish technician asking where we live (I fondly remember the days of having an actual address). We went and met him at the nearby school on the main road (a good landmark) and he followed us back to our house. Shortly thereafter I was watching ESPN, Fox Soccer Channel, Tennis Channel and the Golf Channel (among many others) in all their HD glory!

One of the reasons we moved here was for the more relaxed lifestyle, but I must admit it is still nice to get something done on time after only a single phone call.
Small victories can be sweet! 🙂