I don’t know about you, but if I haven’t figured out what we’re having for dinner before the hunger hits (around 5pm…), we’re in trouble.  Every once in a while, when such a crisis hits, Nick gently suggests that I go back to making weekly menus like I did back in the UK.  I then “gently” remind him that in the UK I could go into a supermarket with a list of ingredients to fulfill said menu and leave with everything I need.  Here, things are a bit more, shall we say, flexible.  I might make a list of things we absolutely need but other than that, menu making happens on the fly, depending on what I might find in the supermarket that week.   Sometimes I’ll pick up produce to make a certain dish that is part of our “dinner rotation” just to find that another key ingredient is missing from the dairy or meat section.  As I refuse to go to more than one store to get my groceries (I’ve got better things to do you know!), this means I sometimes get home with an orphaned food product looking for a recipe.

This happened last week with a pound of ground turkey.  A quick search online unearthed this easy gem:  Ten Minute Thai Style Turkey.  I got some basil from the garden and a lime off our tree.  The rest I had in the pantry.  Variations?  I used a few Cubanelle peppers (pretty much ALWAYS available here) in addition to the red and also added a chopped tomato (always nice in Thai food) toward the end of the cooking.  Oh, and I used only 1 TBS of Sriracha (still PLENTY spicy).

Nick came sniffing into the kitchen and was a bit suspicious of the dish, due to the use of what he calls ‘Feet Sauce” (if you have used Fish Sauce, you know what he means…) but let me tell you, there were NO leftovers from this meal.  For a dish with so few ingredients, the flavor is extremely complex, yet light and delicious. Need more convincing? A week later I’m making the dish again (this time adding some zucchini which they DID have today at the supermarket!).  

Now that I’m back into the studio “full” time, (more on that later) I’m all about  fast, healthy, tasty and flexible recipes such as this one.  If you have any favorites of your own,  please share.  Otherwise, we might be eating this more than just once a week!  🙂

Tasty Thai!