It is now exactly 2 months since I had my ‘trigger thumb’ surgery and I’m very pleased with how well recovery has gone. Its great to have a thumb that no longer locks and isn’t a source of a lot of pain and aggravation.

The one clear ‘fatality’ over the past few months has been my focus in the studio. The first month post surgery was pretty much a wash for all things pottery. For the past month, I’ve been trying to get into the studio daily but as I was still trying not to push my hand too much, I focused on projects that I could work on for a bit, then cover up and come back to later. So, lots of hand-building, not that much throwing no firings and not lots of pottery stuff I felt like blogging about.

One fun project I DID finally got around to was creating a chess set. Nick taught me how to play when we first met and at about the same time he started suggesting that I make a set… Finally (only 8 years later), the time was right. Those of you who play will notice that there ARE plenty of extra pieces in case of firing mishaps but hopefully, we end up with a playable, custom made set. Now, to figure out what glaze to use….