This weekend we celebrated our 3 year anniversary here in PR.  It is a bit strange thinking back to that very long day (our travel time from the UK, with layovers, was 28 hours…), how I felt back then (fairly overwhelmed…and then I stepped on a fire-ant nest….) and how much we have accomplished over the past 3 years.

We commemorated the day with some beach time, where I happily partook in some beach-combing.  Typical potter, I was after textures rather than just the “pretty factor”.

I DID also pick up a pottery shard (note the partial foot ring), which has been worn smooth by the sea.  I wonder where this pot started off and how long IT has been traveling????

While Nick enjoyed some downtime (i.e., football viewing) before we went out for dinner, I tried out my new textural finds.   I have some  keepers here, don’t you think?

The weekend was nicely punctuated by a neighbor’s invite to join a party on his Finca (farm) across the road from us.  Though he speaks no English, we’ve been “chatting” off and on over the past 3 years, waving ‘hello’ and sharing with him our progress on the construction front.  At the party (his sister’s birthday) we got a chance to practice our Spanish, lose (badly) at dominoes, eat some great home-cooked food and partake in a drink or two (including sugar-cane moonshine).   All in all, a great weekend that brought home the reasons we chose to move to this friendly and beautiful island.