We decided to leave the rat race behind in the UK and move to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. We are living in the Cruces area of Rincón, in the north-west corner of the island.

This blog is intended for family and friends to keep in touch and track our progress as we renovate our house to include a pottery studio and adjust to the (hopefully) very different lifestyle.

Enjoy reading!
Nick & Miri

Nick and Miri


21 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Luis Ortiz Says:

    welcome to rincon. i have an art gallery in the barerro area. stop by for a visit.
    i left the state side rat race years ago. we opened the secret garden art gallery some time ago. we’re renovating part of it this summer.

    carr 429 k3.7
    check out my web site

  2. miri Says:

    ¡Hola Luis y gracias por la nota! We look forward to meeting you in August.

  3. Robert Andrews, John Barton and Eric Velez Says:

    Hi Miri an Nick,

    We are coming to Rincon in Februry 8-18, 2008 with my sister, brother in law and our friend Christie. Eric’s family lives in Bayamon and Mayaguez just south of Rincon. We love Rincon and we hope to visit with you soon.

  4. miri Says:

    Hi Robert, John and Eric:
    Great to hear from you! We’ll look forward to seeing you in ’08! 🙂 Miri and Nick

  5. Ruth Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Keep blogging away – it’s a much anticipated break in my working day. sounds like you’re having quite the adventure!

    I’m moving out of my flat at the end of the month. Staying with Pri and Alex (friends from work) until I find a flatshare. The new grads have started so i’m not a newbie anymore – good and bad!

    Love Ruth xx

  6. Robert, John and Eric Says:

    Hi all,

    Merry Christmas to all. We are coming to PR on Feb. 6-16, 2008. We will be in Rincon and hope to see you during our stay. R, J, and E.

  7. Miri Says:

    Hi Robert, John and Eric! Merry Christmas to you. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Feb.
    Miri & Nick



  9. Cindy G. Says:

    Hi Miri & Nick, We are enjoying your blogs so much. Your lifesytle and the work on your home are very inspiring. Good to see a young couple brave enough escape.
    Cindy & John

    1. Miri Says:

      Thanks Cindy and John! Its been an amazing two years and its been fun sharing our experiences and “meeting” new folks through our blogging.
      I’ll drop you an email regarding my experiences so far with the studio floor.

  10. Michelle Says:

    Hi guys!
    I heard about you through expats Jeff and Katrina Kruse and just checked out your blog.. I’m making the move from Australia to your lovely island shortly with my husband and cant wait!
    Looking forward to delving further into your blog!

    1. Nick Says:

      Hi Michelle, welcome to the blog!
      We hope your big move goes smoothly.
      Nick & Miri

  11. Linda Duerr Says:

    Miri, This is totally off topic but I wondered if you could tell me where I can find ceramic tiles for a countertop. We’ve been to Home Depot and the “fancy” tile place in Aguada. I seem to think there are a few places on Carr 2 near Home Depot but I thought I’d “ask a local” before we went on a hunt. we’re only going to be in town for a few days in November and then come back around
    Christmas so we’re looking to have our handyman finish off some tile work before the holidays.
    Looking forward to meeting you and buying those mugs and perhaps a bowl I had my eye on 😉

    1. Miri Says:

      No problem Linda! There is a place right in town called ‘LosasXMenos’. It is on Calle Los Robles next to the Rincon Tropical restaurant (off of the 115). It is a small place but they are very friendly and might just have what you need. Safe travels and looking forward to meeting you too!

      1. Linda Duerr Says:

        oh! I know exactly where it is!! thanks so much.

  12. Rosa Says:

    The owner’s name is Masso and his english is pretty good. He has good stuff there, the majority of our tiles are from him. We did find another place much cheaper, on our way to Homedepot for our roof tiles. It is difficult when you are only around for a few days at a time or a week at a time, I know, that is the same story with us. But we have been blessed with good people that worked on the house and they let us know where to shop around.

  13. Jonathan Alanis Says:

    Hello Nick and Miri,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple months now and I’m very impressed at how you have adjusted to living in Rincon. Now I’m thinking of leaving Chicago and moving to Aguada where my parents live. Thank you for your blog and others, without it I would’ve been scarded to death to make such a decision.

    bless you

    1. Miri Says:

      Hola Jonathan:
      Thanks so much for your comment. We’re glad you found our blog helpful. We don’t regret our move for one minute. Obviously, there have been (and are) challenges, but we love living in Puerto Rico, where everyday is an adventure! We wish you luck with your own adventure.

  14. T. Gray Says:

    Hey guys! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yep, it’s hard to beat homemade pizza. One of my best friends lives much of the year not too far from you guys. Maybe I’ll make it down there one day………..

  15. Pam Says:

    I found your blog while searching for a pottery studio in Fajardo, PR. We moved here this month and I’m looking for a pottery studio in the area. I was taking pottery classes for the past two years with David Pinto at http://www.jamaicaclay.com and love it.
    I posted to your facebook but since have learned that Rincon is on the west coast which is a bit far.
    Love your pottery.

    1. Miri Says:

      Thanks Pam and welcome to PR. Let us know if you ever travel to our side of la isla! 🙂

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