After 6 great years in PR, we’ve decided to move back to the US mainland.

Therefore our house/pottery studio/gallery is for sale. If you’ve always wanted to enjoy living a relaxed lifestyle in scenic, green countryside less than a 10 minute drive from beautiful Caribbean beaches then this could be property for you!

Please visit the following page for more details…



For Sale

House for Sale!


Have fun with friends and family and create special gifts for the holidays or for a special occasion. Rincón Pottery is now offering one hour sessions for you to make your very own plates full of memories, or “MemoPlates” as we like to call them!

During these sessions, you will be supplied with everything you need to make these completely functional 5 inch square hand-built plates. Using stamps, shells, corals and colored underglazes you will be able to decorate them and create your own unique masterpieces. This experience is suitable for all ages (children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult).

Make a MemoPlate…
• As a unique gift for the grandparents this holiday season
• To mark the arrival of a new baby (e.g. baby hand prints)
• To commemorate a special occasion (e.g. birthday, anniversary or honeymoon)
• For use during a special event (e.g. a ring plate for your wedding)
• Just to have fun!

Book a session for yourself or bring a group of friends. The cost is $25 per plate, with a minimum of $50 (i.e. 2 plates) per 1 hour session. This includes all materials, glazes and firings. Shipping, if needed, is not included (around $10 per shipping address).
Clay takes time to dry and fire, so plates are usually ready 4 weeks after the date of the workshop.

Call or email us for more info, or to make a booking.
Visit our website for contact information.

Click here to read a recent customer review of a MemoPlate experience:

Click here to see photos of Hands on Clay experiences at Rincón Pottery

Are you looking for fun, artistic and creative things to do in Rincon, Puerto Rico, that don’t rely on the sun shining?

If so, then look no further; Rincon Pottery is the answer. We offer ‘Hands on Clay’ workshops (either 1 or 2.5 hours) that give you a chance to get your hands dirty with clay. Never worked with clay before? No problem, beginners are welcome! The lessons include an introduction to working with clay and the various techniques that you will try your hand at. Experience both hand building and wheel throwing – make a masterpiece! In the longer workshop you are able to paint and decorate your pottery creations with colored under-glazes. Workshops are available either as private sessions or for small groups (max. 4 people)

We also have a ceramics “art gallery” with a wide range of work on display and for sale. From small Taino inspired souvenirs (coqui, sol de jayuya etc.) to large bowls, the gift shop has something to suit every taste and price range.
It is an ideal place to stock up on hand-crafted gifts for loved ones back home (shipping available) or simply to pick up a hand-made memento of your vacation. The essence of Rincon Pottery is “functional art” and once you see it, you will understand why!

Our studio and gallery is located in the green hills of Cruces, Rincon and is easily accessible from the surrounding towns of Mayaguez, Atalaya, Aguada, Aguadilla and Isabela.

For more information please visit our website www.rinconpottery.com and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hurricane Earl is about 189 miles away from us, hopefully continuing its West Northwest path up and away.  Nick and I are safe and sound in the house, all loose objects are contained, we have plenty of supplies including extra gas for the generator and a chilled bottle of Don Q Coco!

Apparently, the east coast of Puerto Rico is getting battered.  I read that our governor is cited as saying that the cutoff point for the hurricane strength winds is  Arecibo on the north coast (which is about 47 miles north east of us) and Ponce in the south.  Glad to hear it!  Here on the western coast of the island,  the wind gusts come and go in waves, as does the rain.  Honestly, so far this storm doesn’t seem much different from a heavy rainy season storm.  The jitters are there though, as I KNOW its resulting from bands of an approaching Cat 3 Hurricane…

Our power went out about an 1 1/2 hours ago when the rains started, just as I was in the midst of photographing pots and tests  from my latest glaze firing.   I’m very pleased with how my chess set turned out and can’t wait to challenge Nick to a game.  This photo of the set will have to do for now.  I’m sure you’ll forgive me!

Chess Set (Licorice Black and Raw Sienna). Chess board handmade by Lee Chesson

We are very excited to be launching our new “Hands on Clay” workshops at Rincón Pottery. The workshops are designed to offer a fun ‘clay taster’ for those curious about what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ in a working pottery studio.

To celebrate the launch of our new ‘Hands on Clay’ workshops, we are having a raffle to give away two FREE workshops. The winner will receive a ‘Hands on Clay Complete Experience’ for two participants (worth $140). The runner-up will receive a ‘Hands on Clay Wheel Throwing Experience’ for two participants (worth $70).

All registered fans of Rincón Pottery on Facebook (old and new) are eligible, so please spread the word amongst your Rincón loving friends!

To enter, join our Facebook page (if you haven’t done so already) then post a comment (on our Facebook page) and include the words “AUGUST GIVEAWAY”. The winners will be randomly chosen on the 1st of September and will be announced our Facebook page.

The lucky winners should then arrange with us to take their workshop on a mutually convenient date. There is no expiry date on the prizes, so it doesn’t matter if you’re not planning to be in Rincón for a while.

¡Buena suerte!

I’ve gotten so good at this chilling and taking it easy deal that our three year blogging anniversary passed me by unaware.   Rather than bore you all with deep reflections on everything that has happened over the past 3 years, I figured I’d (re)post some pictures that best reflect the changes in our life(style) over the past 3 years.


The first leg of the journey for our 17 boxes









I recently set up a Facebook page for Rincón Pottery.  The page has been great for connecting with folks interested in the work I’m doing as the format is more conducive to quick updates from the studio. It is also a nice way to stay in touch with those who have visited the studio in person.   As a side note, I’m finding that folks are more likely to comment on facebook than on our blog (is it that Facebook is seen as, by definition, all about interaction? ?) and have been really enjoying getting more frequent reactions to work in progress as well as to finished work.   An added bonus?  The interactions on my page sometimes result in ideas for new products!

One such new product came into being after Lee from Maryland asked if I made “soup mugs”. Nope, not yet!   “Soup” mugs (which are lower and larger than regular mugs) are useful things for anything from cereal, ice-cream, LOTS of coffee, and yes, soup. So, the other day I decided to give the idea a try.

I decided to decorate the mugs with one of the Tanio Petroglyph stamps I made a while back, “El Sol de Jayuya” (the sun of Jayuya). This petroglyph (stone carving) was found in Jayuya (a municipality of Puerto Rico located in the mountainous center region of the island). It is believed that this and many other petroglyphs in the same location were carved by the Taino Indians who inhabited Boriquén in Columbian times (before 1493).

New “Bol con Sol” with a regular mug for scale

I think we’re on to something here, don’t you?  Thanks Lee! 🙂

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