The house we’ve bought is in on a hillside in Bo. Cruces, between the 412 and 414 ‘main’ roads. It was only built in 2005 and sits on a 2-acre plot. We’re about a 10 minute drive from downtown Rincón and the nearest beaches.

The top storey is already beautifully finished and we will be closing in the lower level. This will be Miri’s pottery studio with views out into the valley. There’s already a finished bathroom down there, which makes it ideal for when she has ‘students’ in the studio. Part of the front half of the lower level will be closed in to make additional living space (aka Nick’s games room). Here is where we’re going to have the big screen TV, pool table and a fridge for our Medalla Light’s… 🙂
The ‘basement’ half-level will be finished and made into a kiln room, laundry room and large storage room.

The house is in a great spot, with a glimpse of the ocean from the balcony and a better view from the roof. The following video was taken from the roof of the house.


June 09 Update:

This is what our house looked like when we bought it:
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This is what it looks like now:
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9 Responses to “Nuestra Casa”

  1. Kristin, Kiley and Quinn Says:

    Dearest Miri and Nick!
    I was just showing Kiley and Quinn your new digs in PR. Kiley wanted to know if you had a hot tub on the bottom floor. Party girl, just like her Mama. Quinn likes the rooster in the video and the horseys in the valley. Kiley said, “Tell them I will be very happy to meet you.” Apparently, they don’t remember the first time. Gotta run, they want to watch the video for the third time! Best wishes on your adventure!!!

  2. miri Says:

    Dear Kiley and Quinn: We will be very happy to (re) meet you too and hope you can come visit us in our new home! I imagine we could arrange visits with the chickens, roosters and maybe even the horses next door!

  3. valerie and jonathan Says:

    Hi guys! This is great, I can now see your pictures again! (for some reason could not display them for a while) – We cant wait to come and visit you, the house and grounds look great, what a difference you have made! xxx

  4. Miri Says:

    Thanks Valerie and Jonathan! Looking forward to your visit.

  5. Nany - Rincon Brilla Says:

    Hi! Miri! Got really happy reading your article and finding your house in Cruces! Beuatiful house, you really have done a great job. I am really happy having you and your husband been part of our beautiful town, and being involved to make your place a wonderful spot! Keep the good work, and show the world our town~ Proud to have you in Rincon!~ I will see you soon! and remember, visit me again, a lot plants and palms are waiting for you! My regards to your husband!

    1. Miri Says:

      Thanks Nany! We love living in Rincon and feel very fortunate to have found this wonderful place! 🙂 Hasta pronto! 🙂

  6. Tim Cates Says:

    Trying to remember if I know you…
    I founded Casa Verde in Bo Puntas Rincon back in 1997..started the website etc..sold out to Billy a couple of years ago and leased the place from 2001 – 2006 to Ron Slinger. Did we ever meet…like the pottery…really great what you did with the house.


    1. Miri Says:

      Hi Tim: Thanks for the compliments! Don’t believe we have met but hope we do someday!

      1. Tim Cates Says:

        Currently own we moved to this location after selling Casa Verde to Billy. Really love Tres Hermanos Beach which you are not far from also.

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